Super Rocket Shootout last updates

Super Rocket Shootout last updates

23 February 2017,   By ,   0 Comments

The past few weeks have been pretty intense for Super Rocket Shootout’s development.

First of all, I went and showcased the game at Casual Connect Berlin in February, where it had been previously selected. The feedback there was great and I had the opportunity to meet great gamedevs from all over the world, as well as professionals, especially publishers. The biggest surprise was when I got told that the game had been nominated for the Indie Prize of best multiplayer game. It didn’t win, but still, it was a blast to get that recognition from established professionals in the video game industry.




Thanks to this event and to a previous scouting session on my side, I have been able to talk to several publishers that are interested in the game. I’m still trying to figure out what’s best for me and for the game but if nothing goes wrong, Super Rocket Shootout should have a publisher and that’s a great news. Event if it doesn’t bring that much attention to the game, it means that other people believe in the project and see the potential the game has to offer.

And the other great news is that… the development of the game is finally over!! No more changing of the scope, no more extra features, the content is as it is and I’m happy with that. I’ve been doing the localization in English, French and Spanish, polishing every detail, fine tuning the AI, improving some gameplay mechanics that hadn’t been touched for like 2 years… The good thing is that I’m happy with the game, and while I’m waiting for a publishing deal to be closed, I’m composing so more funky-jap tunes for everybody to enjoy.


So that’s it, it’s all great news about the game and the next big thing to be announced will be the release date, so stay tuned!