Super Rocket Shootout is out!

Super Rocket Shootout is out!

26 July 2017,   By ,   0 Comments

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that Super Rocket Shootout is out and available on Steam since July, 14th 2017!

It’s been quite a ride since the beginning and I sometimes doubted that it would ever go out but it’s now over and you can play it right now!

Mixing platformer and fighting mechanics, Super Rocket Shootout includes charming characters, destructible environments, cool weapons and an awesome jetpack, making this a blast to play alone, or with up-to 4 friends.

Inspired by the 1994 arcade classic The Outfoxies and selected by Microsoft Studios as Best Indie Game at Madrid Games Week 2014, Super Rocket Shootout has plenty of content and a combat system that is both accessible and deep, with super agile jetpack-induced movements, combos, super attacks, counters, extra weapons and more!

Here are all the useful links:

The Steam page:

The official page:

The trailer:

The presskit():

I hope you enjoy the game!