Super Rocket Shootout is out!

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that Super Rocket Shootout is out and available on Steam since July, 14th 2017!

It’s been quite a ride since the beginning and I sometimes doubted that it would ever go out but it’s now over and you can play it right now!

Mixing platformer and fighting mechanics, Super Rocket Shootout includes charming characters, destructible environments, cool weapons and an awesome jetpack, making this a blast to play alone, or with up-to 4 friends.

Inspired by the 1994 arcade classic The Outfoxies and selected by Microsoft Studios as Best Indie Game at Madrid Games Week 2014, Super Rocket Shootout has plenty of content and a combat system that is both accessible and deep, with super agile jetpack-induced movements, combos, super attacks, counters, extra weapons and more!

Here are all the useful links:

The Steam page:

The official page:

The trailer:

The presskit():

I hope you enjoy the game!

Super Rocket Shootout is releasing this summer 2017!

At last!!!!

I’m really happy to announce that Super Rocket Shootout is finished and will be released on Steam during Summer 2017 (most likely in July). The game is brought to you by Oddly Shaped Pixels and Digital Tribe Games.

You can check the release trailer here: Release trailer

And you can already add the game to your whishlist here on Steam.


Stay tuned for the final release date and thank’s once again for your patience!

’03:17 am’: a point & click adventure set in a mysterious diner at night

A new game is out! It’s called 03:17 am and it was made for the Adventure Jam 2017 in 8 days. I’ve had the honour and opportunity to be seconded by two talented friends, Marcos Vendrell for level design and game design, and LeGone for the (amazing) music.

As it’s sometimes easier to let others speak about your work, here’s what Alpha Beta Gamer thought of the game:

The story of 03:17 am takes place in a diner late at night, with you and your work buddy having a few beers and discussing what to do with a sealed box that was given to you by your estranged ex – with explicit instructions not to open it and to take it to his father. You’re a regular in the diner, so are friendly with the staff, who are also happy to listen to your problems and offer advice, but there’s also another odd character who turns up to offer their 10 cents. You don’t think you’ve seen this stranger before, but those boots are pretty familiar and he certainly seems to know you, very well indeed…

It’s an interesting game that does a great job of relaying narrative and backstory via the idle chatter of friends and strangers. It cleverly blends of real life problems with a touch of sci-fi oddity and refrains refrains from spelling things out for the player too much. Wether you decide to open the box, deliver it as promised or just throw it away, the diner of 03:17 am is the perfect place to hang out and make up your mind.

You can play it here on Gamejolt.

Super Rocket Shootout last updates

The past few weeks have been pretty intense for Super Rocket Shootout’s development.

First of all, I went and showcased the game at Casual Connect Berlin in February, where it had been previously selected. The feedback there was great and I had the opportunity to meet great gamedevs from all over the world, as well as professionals, especially publishers. The biggest surprise was when I got told that the game had been nominated for the Indie Prize of best multiplayer game. It didn’t win, but still, it was a blast to get that recognition from established professionals in the video game industry.




Thanks to this event and to a previous scouting session on my side, I have been able to talk to several publishers that are interested in the game. I’m still trying to figure out what’s best for me and for the game but if nothing goes wrong, Super Rocket Shootout should have a publisher and that’s a great news. Event if it doesn’t bring that much attention to the game, it means that other people believe in the project and see the potential the game has to offer.

And the other great news is that… the development of the game is finally over!! No more changing of the scope, no more extra features, the content is as it is and I’m happy with that. I’ve been doing the localization in English, French and Spanish, polishing every detail, fine tuning the AI, improving some gameplay mechanics that hadn’t been touched for like 2 years… The good thing is that I’m happy with the game, and while I’m waiting for a publishing deal to be closed, I’m composing so more funky-jap tunes for everybody to enjoy.


So that’s it, it’s all great news about the game and the next big thing to be announced will be the release date, so stay tuned!



‘Loft is in the air’: Turn average looking flats into shining one room lofts

A new game is out! It’s called Loft is in the air and it was made for the Ludum Dare 37. I hadn’t time to finish everything I had planned in t 72 hours but I made a postcompo version with the music and the missing levels, enjoy!

Here’s the pitch:

One-room loft is the new trend!!!
So as the best real estate agent in town, you can’t let that opportunity pass. Wait! There are no more one-room lofts left to rent??
That won’t stop you… You can perfectly turn any average flat into a shining one-room loft!

Play as the finest real estate agent in town and break all the walls you can find in those flats to turn them into one-room loft! Beware of the rats and the security cameras!
Earn some money by satisfying your customers, do the make over with style, find extra money and buy new abilities with all that cash you have!


You can play it here on Gamejolt.

‘Where there once was sand’ is out

A new game is out! It’s called Where there once was sand and it was made for the Adventure Jam 2016 in 2 weeks. Although it’s not all what I wanted, it’s still a decent production I guess and I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the pitch:


In the middle of an endless desert, an old professor is giving his last efforts trying to discover what he’ve sought his whole life: the lost civilization of Mu. A life spent in the hunt of a myth, yet without any conclusive finding to support his theory that the continent is now buried under the sand.

His funding has been cut and the camp site is now to be turned into a mining complex. As a sentient machine sent to prospect the surroundings for geological opportunities, will you try to empathize with him, will try to help him unveil what may lie beneath the sand, or will you just limit yourself to what you’ve been sent for?

You may well be the help Dr. Willis had been expecting all this time…


You can play it here on Gamejolt.




Ananke, best Gamejolt game of 2015!

This is some really great news that I came across on Twitter. I wasn’t even aware that there were such a competition but there is. It’s called the Jolties and it’s organized by Gamejolt, one of the biggest website where you can play indie games for free (and where Ananke is actually hosted). And a panel of judges, helped by the players, elected the three best games of 2015 and guess what? Ananke came first!


Here’s the article if you want to read it.


That’s a big surprise but most importantly, it’s a huge honor to have received this prize. I know, through the comments, that Ananke is a game that was well received and keeps on amazing the ones who play it, but being awarded by the player community is so amazing. Jon Romero, who worked with me on this one, and myself are just so thrilled, it’s some kind of a consecration.


And as a game designer, it has also helped me see clearer what appeal to the players, what works and what doesn’t. My conclusion is that players love a good story. And sadly I’ve never really believed in my ability to write a decent one, but thank’s to this support, I’m more than decided to make the narrative a bigger place in my games from now on.


So that’s it for this post, it was mainly to say out loud the good news!

Ananke has been released!

Originally planned for the #adventurejam, Ananke has finally been released. It still has lots of bugs and room for improvement but hey, it’s a game made for a gamejam and as is, I think it’s an ok game to try.

It’s a small prototype/narrative first person experience with a special 3D/pixelart aesthetics that I had the opportunity to make with Jonathan Romero Ruiz.

Go to the game description page or play it directly on or Gamejolt.


Hope you enjoy!



New website

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New website

The new “Oddly Shaped Pixels” website is up: simpler, cleaner, just about the games and some posts that I may write.